Who Are We

DS Numbers was founded in 2006 in response to the ever increasing realization for the need of clearly visible building identification. DS Numbers ethos is to provide a product that is stylish, modern and functional.

We believe that through smart design, our customers can enjoy peace of mind, needed most when time is of essence. We are committed to offering a high quality product. Our product is tested and certified and proves to have a benefit over existing ones available.

Our product also needs to appeal to customers across the board from those interested in just adding the final appealing finish to their homes or to those who are purely interested its practical function.

Our Mission

For us it is not just about making a profit. From day one, our desire has been to educate people about the need for clear visible house identification. Think about the safety of your family in an emergency. Assist emergency personnel to assist you. This lends to a safer community. This is, and always will be, our main purpose.


DS Numbers will continue to grow as the specialist solar house number provider in both residential and commercial environments. Through direct practical re-education, and support from like minded community groups we hope to achieve it.